Database Development & Maintenance

Database Development & Maintenance

  • Database design from the ground-up
  • First we listen to your needs, then design systems to meet and exceed them
  • Intelligent approaches to data: simplicity in the client interface with behind the scenes complexity in data analyses
  • On-the-fly queries, reports and real time analysis

At SSI, we're Data Architects. We create innovative systems to meet the unique needs of our clients. Our goal is to exceed our client’s expectations with database solutions that provide access, agility, and clarity. We provide a system that can deliver your complex queries quickly and simply.  We give our clients the tools to view their customer data easily, so they can understand, segment, and monetize this information.

Our data center provides you with a low cost platform to get extremely fast and reliable performance from your data. We also provide the tools to help you extract, manage, and interpret data to meet the demands of your marketing campaigns.

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